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Welcome! And thank you for visiting my website.

This is an archive of my two years of service in the Utah State Legislature. I was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2012. I served as a State Representative from January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2014. My latest update includes information on my professional activities since the beginning of 2015.

Thank you to everyone for your support in my efforts as your representative.  It has been a privilege to work on your behalf as a part of our citizen legislature. I was honored and humbled by your decision to elect me to the legislature and return me to office for a second term.

My commitment as your representative was always to defend and preserve the things that make this community and this state the very best place to raise a family.

When I first campaigned to be a represenative, I suggested to voters that they ought to know a couple of things about me for starters:

  • I promised I would work for my constituents and only for my constituents..
  • I told them I represented the values of this community.
  • And I was convinced that a lifetime of experience, including six years with the Reagan Administration in Washington, had prepared me to serve.

On a personal note, I introduced myself as:

  • A husband and father of five.
  • One that was born and raised in Utah and an 18-year resident of Bountiful.
  • An architect and business owner by profession.
  • One that has spent his life working to reinforce traditional values and strengthen our communities.
(By the end of my service I had become a grandfather and welcomed another wonderful daughter-in-law to the family. Shortly after my term ended we reached 22 years in our Bountiful home.)

And I shared the following honors and endorsements from my two campaigns:

  • Endorsement in both campaigns by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).  The NFIB is the professional association of small businesses, which are the engines of our economy.
  • As an advocate for 2nd Amendment rights, I was pleased to receive the endorsement of the NRA Political Victory Fund for both campaigns.
  • And in 2012, the Utah Business Coalition named me one of Utah's Top 30 Business-Friendly Legislators.
  • Since my re-election campaign, I was named Downtown Champion two years in a row (in 2013 and 2014) by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. I even had a couple of banners with my name an picture on them hanging on light poles in the central business district.

If you are interested in my background as a candidate and as a legislator, take a few minutes to learn about who I am and what I have stood for as a public official.

And take a minute to find out more about the process and what is happening on Utah's Capitol Hill today. You can find a schedule of what's happening at http://le.utah.gov/, along with information on legislators, bills, committee assignments, you name it.

And you can go to my Contact Me tab above or click here for contact information so you can reach me personally. I would love to hear from you about your impressions of my service or your thoughts about public policy debates.


I have been proud to be your representative. I'm also a businessman, architect, and long-time political activist. More...


My thoughts about some of the issues that matter most to our community. I'd love to hear your ideas, too. More...


What? When? Where?
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Visit my legislative blog.  Click here to see how I voted and why!

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